What is the difference between this tour and other tours?

There are 2 other organizations that do tours to Phnom Tamao. There is a behind the scenes tour from the Wildlife Alliance and the bear keeper for a day from Free the Bears. Both those tours are also great, but each is different.

With the behind the scenes tour from the Wildlife Alliance you get access to some parts that are off limits to the public. While you pay a bit more, you can go walking with an elephant on her daily walk, look inside the tiger house and feed some baby animals in the nursery. The profits from that tour go to support of the park.

The keeper for a day from Free the Bears focuses mostly on the bears. You prepare food for the bears and get to help out where needed. While they do go a bit around the park to see some animals, most of the day is spend with the bears.

Since the park is open to the public, you can also take a tuktuk or taxi to the rescue center yourself. Be aware that there is not a lot of information available and you won’t always know which animals are friendly and which are not. If you do go there by yourself, you can have your driver take you around the park instead of walking everywhere, since it’s quite vast. Our tour is a whole day tour and we still have to skip some animals, since we don’t have enough time. Some tuktuk drivers only go there for 1 hour and then say you’ve seen everything, so make sure beforehand how long you will spend at the park.