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Small, personal trips outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sues'day! The three of us here at Betelnut Tours run small, personal tours outside Phnom Penh. The area around Phnom Penh is varied and offers many different sights besides temples and Khmer Rouge history that most people associate with Cambodia. We want to show you some of these happy places. The sizes of our groups are limited, to give you a more personal experience.

We are organizing two different tours. A daytrip to a rescue center and A 2-day trip to the countryside

Phnom Tamao

Daytrip to a wildlife rescue center, where you will meet rescued animals up-close and can learn more about Cambodian wildlife

LuckyLucky, one of the rescued elephants

This is our specialty trip. We have over 12 years of experience organizing trips to this rescue center. Here you can see an array of native rescued wildlife, including Gibbons, Sun Bears, Tigers, Elephants and many more.

The Phnom Tamao rescue center is considered one of the best rescue centers in Asia. No small and dirty enclosures like some asian zoos, but only rescued animals that are well taken care off.

You will meet endangered animals upclose, spend a day outside the city, try some delicious homecooked lunch and probably learn about some animals you never even knew existed.

$40 per person

Kampong Speu

Spend two days in the countryside to see ricefields, go to a waterfall, eat local food and do an overnight stay at our family farm

WaterfallThe 9-step waterfall

Kampong Speu province is home to our family's farm and we want to show you why we love this area. Get an inside look at how life in the countryside is like and experience some beautiful natural sights that Cambodia has to offer.

Enjoy a hike near some cascades, go shopping for dinner in the local markets, spend a night at our farm (showering with buckets!), visit a local village and experience the Cambodian culture upclose.

And are you thinking of going to Sihanoukville? Our farm is halfway there, so you can save a day by travelling directly to Sihanoukville afterwards instead of going back to Phnom Penh first.

$130 per person

Both tours are suited for any age, backpackers and families. Prices cover everything you need.

Winner 5 years in a row (2013—2017) of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

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Who are we


This is us, hello! We are a Cambodian-Dutch couple. That gives us good insights into what people find interesting to see and the best places to find that. We try to show you a side of Cambodia that most people will not see.

Vathana has been a big part of these tours since the beginning and was the sole owner for a while. One faitful day in 2010, Aram joined the tour as a backpacker and his life has never been the same. He hardly remembers seeing animals on his first day, he was so distracted by the tourguide. And while she won't admit it, Vathana was also very distracted that day and flubbing her lines.

A few years later, Samphors joined as a tourguide. Her love for the animals instantly convinced us she would be a great tourguide (we were right, by the way). Her family runs a shop where we often buy supplies from. We made her an honorary family member, in the hopes that we can now enjoy a family discount (that didn't happen).

Since the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is the place where we met, it's very special to us. For our wedding, we wanted to invite Lucky the Elephant to Phnom Penh to be our bridesmaid, but that proved too difficult. So we did the next best thing!

Aram & Vathana's wedding photoAram and Vathana's wedding photo at Phnom Tamao